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Freddie Mac Home Value Suite



Through an affiliate and licensed Home Value Suite distributor, SBS offers access to this trusted suite of automated quality control tools.


Home Value Explorer® (HVE®)
Simplify your mortgage process with Freddie Mac HVE. Consistently rated as a top AVM in the industry for coverage, accuracy, and reliability, you can count on HVE to:

  • Generate fast and accurate valuations

  • Provide Confidence Scores that are easy to read and based on Forecast Standard Deviation (FSD)

  • Leverage Freddie Mac modeling expertise and industry knowledge

HVE can be ordered individually, or set up as part of a cascade of AVMs, according to your preferences. Contact us for a sample HVE report.

Home Value Calibrator®
Minimize the risk inherent in inflated property values with Freddie Mac Calibrator. This powerful tool offers AVM precision combined with statistically-based scoring to strengthen your pre- and post-funding quality control process. The automation available through Calibrator enhances the efficiency of your mortgage operation by helping you:

  • Match the level of review to the risk

  • Review potential irregularities prior to funding

  • Prioritize workflow

  • Streamline quality control sampling methodology

  • Improve assessment of valuation quality by identifying trends


For more information on the Freddie Mac Home Value Suite, please contact us.



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