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In the high stakes world of commercial lending, you need to know every last detail of the subject property. Our Commercial Property Search product is based on current owner of record and outlines the legal vesting status and current financial encumbrances associated with a specific commercial property. The SBS Commercial Search product is a concise report of the subject property's ownership, detailing:

  • Current vesting of record

  • Current deed information including grantor, execution date, recording date, and recording reference

  • Current assessment information, including parcel number

  • Open mortgages of record with last assignment, execution date, recording date, amount and recording reference

  • Judgments and other involuntary liens

  • UCC filings at the county level

  • Current tax information

  • Fully typed legal description of subject property

  • Copy of current deed(s)


For more information on our Current Owner Commercial Search product, please contact us.