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Virtual Closer Look (VCL)

To help simplify the loan process for lenders, SBS offers a convenient solution that allows the homeowner to provide insight into their own property. Homeowner participation will capture interior upgrades and remodeling that could otherwise be missed by an agent's exterior inspection. It can also significantly reduce turn-around times, especially in rural markets.

  • A link is either emailed or texted directly to the homeowner along with easy to follow instructions.

  • The homeowner's photos are date and time stamped with the GPS coordinates from their mobile device. Ensuring photos are taken at the property address ordered.

  • Virtual Closer Look can work hand-in-hand with AVMs and the tax-assessed value (TAV) to establish an accurate condition of the property.


Traditional Agent Closer Look

SBS will send a real estate professional to perform an exterior inspection of the property. Although no value is provided, this product offers a covenient way to determine the property's actual physical condition, and the state of the surrounding market.