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Property Search – Residential


Whether you require a quick assessment of a subject property's ownership and encumbrances or a complete history, SBS has the right tool to fit your lending situation. All our search products come with a clear and concise report of the subject property's ownership, detailing:

  • Current vesting of record

  • Current assessment information, including parcel number

  • Open mortgages of record with last assignment, execution date, recording date, amount and recording reference

  • Judgments and other involuntary liens

  • Current tax information

  • Fully typed legal description of subject property

  • Copy of current deed(s)


Current Owner Search (aka Ownership and Encumbrance)

Ideally suited for home equity lenders, the SBS Current Owner Search product clearly identifies the legal vesting status, including grantor, execution date, recording date, recording reference, and financial encumbrances associated with a specific piece of residential property.



Full Search
Ideally suited for mortgage lending, the SBS Full Search product is a comprehenisve search that clearly identifies, for specified time period, the legal vesting status and historic chain of title associated with a particular residential property. Our detailed report outlines the ownership and all encumbrances for a the residential subject property as revealed by a marketable record title search. This report also includes Current and prior deed information that lists:

  • Grantor

  • Execution date

  • Recording date

  • Recording reference


For more information on our Property Search – Residential products, please contact us.