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UCC / Tax Search



Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) State Level Search
When making a commercial loan, you need to know about all the moving parts – literally. Our UCC Search product identifies filings recorded at the state level for individual or commercial properties to help you better understand and protect your investment. Variations of corporate names are also searched. The report also includes:

  • Names of the filing party and debtor

  • Case number

  • Date filed and copies, and will also include continuations filed, lapse and termination, as applicable


Tax Search – City / Municipal / School District
The SBS Tax Search provides information regarding current and past due taxes for a specific piece of property. This report is particularly useful when complete tax information is not available at the county level, or when the lender needs the information for escrow purposes.


Current as of the date of the search, each taxing authority is clearly identified along with the specific tax period—whether quarterly, half-year, or annually—and includes:

  • Tax Type

  • Parcel Number

  • Amount paid at discount, face, and penalty

  • Payment date

  • Mailing address of Tax Collector

  • Issuance date

  • Delinquencies, if any


For more information on our UCC/Tax Search products, please contact us.