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When it comes to servicing, dependable valuation analysis is the name of the game. You need to know what you have and how best to proceed. SBS understands the critical nature of the assets you handle and delivers accurate assessments to help you mitigate loss, collect effectively, and process foreclosures with confidence. Our tight quality standards and use of well-trained seasoned appraisers allow us to provide valuations that hold up under market tests.




Interior Appraisals

At SBS, we pride ourselves on delivering accurate appraisals in a timely manner to help you compete in today's ever-changing mortgage lending environment. And contracting with SBS helps give you the unbiased valuation opinion needed to enhance your regulatory compliance efforts.


Drive-By Appraisals

Ideal for refinancing and home equity lending, SBS drive-by appraisals give you the quick, quality assessment you need to make an informed lending decision. We use a panel of trained, credentialed professionals who make it their mission to adhere to USPAP standards and to help you keep your process moving.


Property Condition Report

The professionals at SBS can help you meet the Interagency Guidelines with the Closer Look Report. By combining its existing automated valuation models (AVMs) with external property condition reports and subject photos, SBS can help you lend with confidence.


Property Search

SBS offers a wide array of search products to help you identify critical details about the property such as ownership, open mortgages, impending liens, current taxes, land usage, and land restrictions. Our search products offer a snapshot of the current condition of title as recorded.



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