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SBS Home Equity Services


SBS has assembled the products home equity lenders use most to help you remain competitive in this important and growing channel. The professionals at SBS are ready to partner with you to provide you the advantage you need be successful.

The SBS Home Equity Tool Kit

Freddie Mac HVE®

Consistently rated as a top AVM in the industry for coverage, accuracy, and reliability, you can count on HVE to:


  •  Generate fast and accurate valuations.
  •  Provide easy-to-read Confidence Scores based on Forecast Standard Deviation.
  •  Leverage Freddie Mac modeling expertise and industry knowledge.

AVM Cascade

We've designed our SBS AVM Cascade to give you a single, online resource with access to ten AVMs. We offer pre-set or customizable dynamic cascades that put you in control of which models and in what order we process your requests.



At SBS, we pride ourselves on coordinating the delivery of accurate appraisals in a timely manner to help you compete in today's ever-changing mortgage lending environment. And contracting with SBS gives you access to a panel of appraisers to provide you with that unbiased valuation opinion needed to enhance your regulatory compliance efforts.


Flood Determination

Available through our affiliate CBCInnovis, SBS offers you access to industry-leading flood zone determination services to help you verify the need for insurance on residential and commercial properties nationwide.


Property Condition Report

The professionals at SBS can help you meet the Interagency Guidelines with the Closer Look Report. By combining its existing automated valuation models (AVMs) with external property condition reports and subject photos, SBS can help you lend with confidence.


Property Report (Current Owner)

Ideally suited for home equity lenders, the SBS Current Owner Search product clearly identifies the legal vesting status, including grantor, execution date, recording date, recording reference, and financial encumbrances associated with a specific piece of residential property.


Mortgage Recordation

SBS verifies signatures, stamps, and requisite recordings for mortgages, and then forwards to the abstractor for recordation. We also have the ability to e-record in certain locations. We offer overnight delivery, 100% tracking of documents, and a strong nationwide network of abstractors to help you avoid the time-consuming process of recording documents.


Drive-By Appraisals

Ideal for refinancing and home equity lending, SBS drive-by appraisals give you the quick, quality assessment you need to make an informed lending decision. We use a panel of trained, credentialed professionals who make it their mission to adhere to USPAP standards and to help you keep your process moving.



For more information on the SBS Home Equity Tool Kit, please contact us.