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Portfolio Review



SBS has all the tools you need to gather required data for internal analysis and make informed decisions. AVMs, BPOs, drive-by appraisals, and property reports will paint a clear picture of each transaction to help you assess the condition of your portfolio.




Desk Review

The Desktop Compliance Review serves as a spot check of the original appraisal. An SBS staff appraiser (In-House) will review the original appraisal you submit, analyzing the logic and reasoning of the report, the adequacy and apparent relevancy of the data used, and the appropriateness of the methods and techniques adopted by the original appraiser. No inspection is made of the subject or the comparables and no value judgment is made for this type of review.


Field Review

Used to determine the accuracy of the original value and supporting characteristics, the SBS Field Review is conducted by a licensed appraiser and provides an analysis of a previously completed appraisal based on an exterior only inspection of the property. Suitable for single family properties, including units in Planned Unit Development (PUD).


Property Search

SBS offers a wide array of search products to help you identify critical details about the property such as ownership, open mortgages, impending liens, current taxes, land usage, and land restrictions. Our search products offer a snapshot of the current condition of title as recorded.



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